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Curated Coastal Design: 3 Driftwood Decor Ideas for Interior Designers

Hey There!

So, I've been obsessed with driftwood for a long time. Driftwood has a smooth texture with awesome crevices and tones. It adds a natural element without being too rustic. As I was replacing the candles in my favorite centerpiece, I just had to share some ideas with you on how to bring that beachy vibe into your living spaces.

Trust me, it's all about that casual effortless coastal charm! If you're looking to create a curated coastal design, here are 3 Driftwood Decor Ideas.

1. Statement Wall Art

First up, let's talk about using driftwood as statement wall art. Picture this: a gorgeous, weathered piece of driftwood hanging above your sofa or bed. It's like bringing a piece of the beach right into your home! You can leave it as is for a natural, organic look, or get creative and hang some woven baskets or macrame planters from it for a boho vibe. Either way, it's guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

2. Rustic Shelving

Next, why not incorporate driftwood into your shelving? Think rustic, floating shelves made from reclaimed driftwood. They're perfect for displaying your favorite books, plants, or decorative objects. Plus, they add a touch of coastal flair to any room. And the best part? You can easily DIY them yourself with just a few simple materials. Talk about a budget-friendly way to add some beachy charm to your space!

3. Coffee Table Centerpiece

Last but not least, let's talk about using driftwood as a centerpiece for your coffee table. Grab a large piece of driftwood and place it in the center of your table. You can style it with candles, succulents, or even a decorative tray filled with beach treasures like shells and sea glass. It's an easy way to bring that coastal vibe into your living room and create a focal point that's sure to wow your guests.

So there you have it – three ideas for incorporating driftwood into your living spaces. Whether you go big with statement wall art, get crafty with rustic shelving, or keep it simple with a coffee table centerpiece, driftwood is sure to add that laid-back coastal charm we all love so much.

Can't wait to see how you incorporate driftwood into your home!

Chat soon,

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