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Coastal Wallpaper Crab damask


I am so happy you found my newly designed fabrics and wallpaper.  A life inspired by the rich color palettes of the coast of Connecticut and raising my family on the beaches of New Jersey led to their creation. While classic motifs have inspired my collections,  I've added a bit of fun for today's family.


Creating a peaceful warm space for your family and friends to spend time together is essential. The home is where the making of a family happens in the rhythm of each day. I designed these patterns to help you create the space for your family to write their story.  


While they may not remember the paper (you will), they will remember how the home made them feel.


That's the goal. A home with memories they won't forget.

Beautiful, classic, and fun.


Melissa Dayton

Art and Design

Manasquan, New Jersey

My inspiration is beauty in nature, people, and places. My childhood was spent on the water in New England. There was beauty all around, in the marshes, the birds, the breezes. When we sailed the wind filling the sail always fascinated me, even the soft wind and the big billowy spinnaker sail. As a small child, I can remember standing at the back sliding door watching the sun over the marsh. It was magical.

As an adult, I am fortunate enough to live at the beach, but the ocean, so it's very different but still captivating. The sand is fine, not rocky. The shells are whiter, the water has more movement. Our birds are sometimes different too. I have been blessed to raise my family in this place. The streets are lined with sycamore trees and old shingle-style homes. Our town is an iconic shore town with a main street, people walking, and bikes. People come to our towns for rest and rejuvenation, it is a special place.

Every day offers an opportunity for inspiration. It's all around us. I believe that beauty leads us to all that is good and true, and as an artist, I can help to bring some of that beauty into homes. Life can be hard and full of commitments, home should be a place of peace and rest, but also joy and fun. The spaces we create for our families are the backdrop to their memories. I'm honored to help you create that space.

Melissa and Chip Dayton with Grandkids

Melissa Dayton lives at the beach in New Jersey. She understands the importance of creating a home with lasting memories. She is the mother of 8 children and 3 grandchildren.


Melissa has been selling her art online since 1996. She has a degree in Art and Design and originally intended to pursue interior design. Life took a turn and she spent many years painting commissioned portraits of children and painting murals in homes. Her work was in a Gift For Grandkids catalog with an amazing 350 portraits painted in a year and a half. She has painted several book covers as well. 


In 2012 she founded a nonprofit in her community that went viral and led her to speak in high schools nationwide. She and her husband then helped their community recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and they distributed over $100,000 in relief money from The Robin Hood Foundation. In 2013  she received master's degree in Theology and Ministry and taught for several years overseeing a service-learning program for a large high school. 

Melissa has now returned to art full-time designing for families to create homes that will leave lasting impacts and memories.

The Dayton Family
Melissa Dayton speaking
Melissa and Chip Dayton
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