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Catholic Speaker. Author. Artist

Melissa Dayton


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"Melissa has a strong and vibrant faith. She challenges her listeners to reflect deeply and turn to a more intimate faith life. Melissa simplifies complex theology by making it relevant through story telling about her personal experiences as a wife, mother and nonprofit founder. Her ability to connect with her audience inspires her listeners to deepen empathy and compassion by opening their hearts to listen well to others. She offers ideas to creatively use the gifts of the feminine genius by extending kindness and hospitality to others to in hopes of creating stronger communities of faith and service."


Perfection Not Required:

They look perfect don't they?

Beautiful, handsome, grounded and a whole lot of fun.


Some women can just do it all right?


No way- raising a family grounded in faith and character in this culture is work. Women are under so much pressure to be perfect and lets face it- it's exhausting.  


Perfection is unattainable for anyone-- and the secret to discovering real joy is--


Leaving room for God to work through the imperfection, the challenges and the times when we throw our hands up and admit defeat. Only he can create beauty we never imagined.

True contentment and joy--full joy--comes from the grace and beauty God sends through the brokenness. 

The cracks are where the light gets in. 


My heart, my life, my passion is my family. The best of what I have learned is from that journey. We have lived through deep heartache and growing pains. Life does not always take the turns we expect. Humility and perseverance are impossible without God.  God has used those struggles in our life to show us his mercy, to trust him and to clear away the obstacles we placed in his way. 


God is good even life is hard--especially when life is hard. We have lived a life that for seasons has been parallel to JOB's life.

But- through faith we notice things the world hides in the busyness. God allows us to see unspeakable beauty when we allow him to be our lens. The joy of a marriage, an ordination, a child finding their way after being lost, a grandchild. Restoration of marriage and a family.


Intentional, deliberate, faith teaching, boundary building, self-esteem growing, discipline chasing, tear creating, joy producing parenting. There is no greater job, no greater responsibility and no greater reward....sometimes no greater heartache.


Choosing to be woman of faith, that gives life to those God puts in her path, takes prayer, solitude and being surrounded by a faith filled authentic tribe.


Join me in discovering ways to:


Restore yourself. Restore your family. Live with joy


"Mother's are divided. We are under the impression that our greatest impact should be happening outside the home. There is no one that I have spoken to, taught, or worked with that has been impacted by my education, experience, and stories more than my children. It will be them that spreads my heart best to others for the rest of their lives. 


That is my legacy" -Melissa Dayton 

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Melissa Dayton is the founder of You Can NOT Be Replaced, speaker, author, artist, wife, and mother of 8 children. Through honest storytelling and reflection, she shares her parenting failures and successes as well as nuggets of wisdom from her background in youth and family programs. 


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