Restoration of hearts and healing souls through stories of imperfection, humor, patience and the love of God

"This was an amazing, inspiring, and beautiful program

that I give a million thanks to.”

My husband and I have 8 children, two grandchildren. Our oldest son is a priest, newly ordained in June of 2018.


I was only 27 when I began working in women's ministry-- by chance (lol) I had 3 young children and was leading a group of 150 moms. That led me to facilitate scripture studies- some with over 250 women-youth ministries, studying the Church's documents on marriage and family and speaking. In the midst of that, I also had a Catholic fine art business, a painting that toured nationally, became a healing tool for women who had lost a late-term pregnancy and some of my other paintings are on book covers. 

I've done a little TV and radio for EWTN and local Catholic stations, I have had articles about my art in Catholic Mom and the National Catholic register, and have written a book. You might say I'm kind of an overachiever- I would like to say a recovering perfectionist


After the birth of my 8th child-- I was at a crossroads. A priest recommended asking St Catherine of Genoa to intercede for me-- very quickly (as He tends to do in our life when something is His will) I was signed up for a 5-year Diocesan Lay Formation program to earn a Master Certificate in Theology and Ministry with a 2-month-old on my lap- I finished when she was 4.

While I was in the program, our community became a double trauma area with 9 student deaths in 4 years (7 to suicide) and Super Storm Sandy -- which destroyed over 1800 homes. Our family began a nonprofit that helped the community heal through our daughter's passable wristband initiative that went viral across the country. We coordinated hundreds of volunteers to help restore people's homes and gave out over $100,000 in donation money for them to rebuild.

Most of the work we were doing was healing. We spent most of our time listening and guiding others through extreme darkness. God seems to always place us with the most broken hearts to share the grace and mercy of kindness and love He has shared with us--- 

Life continued to change and the army golf course my husband ran for 15 years was closed when the government shut the base down. We began to speak full-time.

Since 2013 we have spoken across the country to over 80,000 students and their families. 

But the story does not end there. In 2016 a priest friend of our son's 'tricked' me into a 2 year run teaching at a fantastic Catholic High School where I ran a service-learning program and taught honors religion to student leaders. While I was there --they lost 2 students. God had me there for many reasons, but I'm convinced that was one. I was there for my students, who had been close friends with the students they lost, to heal. Through the service projects I helped the students create, I discovered that providing opportunities to use their gifts and talents for others was the most powerful vehicle for their healing. 

Recently another priest friend 'tricked me' (lol-again) into a job much closer to home. This job allows me to have more time with my family and to continue to travel and speak. I am now the Director of Faith Formation at an active Parish, working on creating leaders that love and reflect God's light to everyone they serve. 

As a Mom, I have not been untouched by the hardships our family and community have lived through. Life has been very hard since 2008. It's not easy having 8 children, working full time, and serving God. I often pray for God to take the workload from me and He quietly waits for me to stop my bellyaching--I continue. I would not be functioning if it wasn't for a husband who worked to keep our family foundation solid regardless of the strength of the storm, Eucharistic Adoration, and some very dear prayerful women friends who have carried me through.


Through the process of the stripping down of the life I once had to the life we have now--God has shown me how incredibly blessed I have been through the journey and how important it is to cling to him--That a close tribe of faithful women friends is priceless and that what he has taught me MUST be shared. 

Tired souls-- the healing of our hearts is possible only by the grace of God- and often that grace comes through the love of others.


I would love to speak at your event-- contact me below

Melissa Dayton You Can NOT Be Replaced 2

"It was an amazing and inspiring presentation"


I can not put into words how good this session was. Not a lecture. Not simply about suicide or Alcohol/drug use . It's about providing a loving, calm, safe and smooth journey through childhood so that when our kids reach the tough MS and HS years , they have better abilities to help themselves be a good friend / cope with life's stress in a healthy manner/being a good strong family unit.


Even my husband was glad he went.



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“I would like to start off by saying, what you are doing is amazing and that it is such an honor to have heard about your program. When we left the auditorium today, I saw the look on people’s faces and how they looked like they have changed...


This was an amazing, inspiring, and beautiful program that I give a million thanks to.”