Whose your person?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I was praying this morning and my phone buzzed. 

One of my friends posted a verse on our Bible study group page from 1Timothy:

For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control. 

So do not be ashamed of your testimony to our Lord...but bear your share of hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God. 

Reading it brought me back 32 years ago. 

That verse hung on my oldest Son's (Fr. Chris) nursery wall, with the definition of his name under it 'Christ-bearer'

Why was that significant today? 

Tomorrow, February 2nd is his Godmother's birthday. 

It was not by chance that God nudged me to notice that quote. 

February 2nd is also the day his Godmother (my best friend) told my mother that I was pregnant with Christopher.

You may not know that part of my story, but I had Christopher the summer before my sophomore year in college-- it was quite a scandal at the time and the life event that turned me to God.

I was in Virginia at college at the time, she and I had decided she would walk down to my parent's house to be there when I called.

Instead of sticking to our plan, she told my Mom before I could call. 

They called me. 

My mother's response was 'Don't worry, come home, we love you'. 


It feels almost like someone else's story now.

It no longer defines who I, or he is. 

But my friend Ellen was put there at that moment. 

She courageously and prayerfully stood with me in a challenging time. 

But what God brought to my heart this morning was the heart of my friend.

How she and I were so closely bonded that-- my pain was her pain and-- 

30 years later, on the day of his ordination, my joy was her joy. 

We cried - and cried- and cried for weeks after his ordination at the beauty of life's journey and the honor we both had in being a part of God's story for Christopher.

 We all need a person like that. 

God does not intend for us to journey through life alone, to celebrate or to carry our burdens in isolation. 

He sends us people who at that moment in time are our rock and anchor.

They are strong when we are weak. 

They lift us up in prayer, they make us laugh, they love our families. 

Tomorrow, like she does every year since Facebook has been 'a thing', she will post the story-- this year adding that he is now a priest.

 I will answer with funny stories and things we lived through together those first couple years. 

Its a ritual and it's beautiful. 

Who is your person?

Are they someone in your life now or someone from years ago? 

Wouldn't it be an amazing thing to reach out to them?


Express gratitude and love for the role they have played in your life, through your joys, and through your struggles? 

Too often we forget to do that.

 Imagine if we remembered?

Reach out and connect. 

Bring joy to someone else and have a blessed day