Being a parent can be one of the most

profound and joyful experiences in life.

What happens when parenting

doesn’t go as planned? 


Crushed is based on the countless discussions Melissa has had with parents who are struggling:


  • How to handle unfulfilled expectations

  • Understanding the importance of what motivates us to parent

  • Acknowledging grief and growing the patience to heal and forgive

  • Finding joy and strength to move forward and rebuild your relationship with your teen

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Melissa is a wife and mother of 8 children. In 2012 with her husband and daughter founded You Can NOT Be Replaced® that began in the wake of a suicide cluster in her community that took 7 boys from her local high school. She has spent 21 years coordinating youth and family programs. In 2013 she completed a 5 year program with LaSalle University and the Diocese of Trenton with a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry and pastoral counseling workshops where she studied substance abuse, grief, crisis, healthy communicating and relationships, the teen brain and mental health.

Sample of
 Crushed: When Parenting is Hard
28- FIVE Star reviews

"Wow! This is a powerful book.

I am in awe of Melissa and her family and the journey they are on. This book rings with honesty and integrity. I know it will help many people who are feeling broken and battered by life. It is also a grounding and inspiring read for those of us lucky enough not to be facing the same terrible circumstances.


The honesty and openness of the author empowers you to be the best parent you can. She also reassures you that parenting is a tough job and we all feel like failures at different points in our journey. Thank you for this book which will help heal our world."

"I found myself amazed by this author and very inspired by what her family were willing to do for their community. The book feels like you're sitting having coffee with this seasoned mother who's tackled everything you're going through with at least one of her 8 children.


She gives great, simple and pretty direct advice. If I had one criticism, it would be that it wasn't long enough. I would dearly love it if the author went even more in depth into how they assist teens in hardship and connect on that deeper level - as that is what I found most inspiring. Maybe in the next edition??"

"In reading just the first few chapters, I knew I would want this book for myself (as the mother of two teen boys) and for other moms I know who are struggling to navigate the waters of figuring out how much freedom to give their teens, how much discipline, and how to keep them anchored and grounded with the family as a priority over peers.


After all, as Melissa says, parents are still the ones with the most significant influence on our children. These teens still need us even though they are 'big'. Thank you, Melissa, for putting into words what I have so often thought and felt -- especially that our teens arguably need our attention more now than when they were little!

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You Can NOT Be Replaced® was established by Melissa, Chip and Emily Dayton in 2012 after the 7th suicide from our local high school. All artwork was designed by Emily Dayton, content written by Melissa Dayton.

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